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Modern Easter Eggs


I feel I am committing a “craft crime” when I admit I prefer my Easter eggs un-dyed; white, brown, blue…any hue they wear in nature is good enough for me. This preference can be traced to my childhood growing up on a farm. I still recall the chicken coop, light seeping in between the boards, the mildly indignant whispers of the hens whenever I would enter, and the still-warm eggs gathered in a wire basket. It is as vivid a snapshot of happiness as I can conjure.   Read more

How to Make a Valentine From an Onion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI used to hate Valentine’s Day; I still do in some respects. I love the “idea” of Valentine’s Day — the romance of celebrating romance — but somewhere along the way the holiday has become a day that highlights the trappings of love instead of a celebration of the emotion itself.  Read more

A Perfect Paper Flower For Any Occasion

My most popular flower to date is a simple, yet very elegant design originally featured in Bride’s Magazine. These flowers can be created in five easy steps, each of which is explained in this short video tutorial I did with Michelle Spaulding and the folks at the blog. (Shooting at the Etsy studio was like being in a great big craft playground. Forgive the irreverent behavior at the end of the video; we let ourselves get a little carried away.)

Making A Garland With Punch


For the holidays, I thought I would take up that old reliable project, the paper garland from my elementary school days, but with a twist; bands of paper glued end-to-end, become rings of paper glued edge-to-edge.  Read more

How To Make A Snowstorm

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA friend of mine visiting from the tropics wanted, more than anything, to see snow. Unfortunately, he was visiting during the Thanksgiving holiday when snow in New York (while possible) is unlikely. Not wanting to disappoint him, I set to work on “approximating” the effect. As is my rule around the holidays, the project had to be simple, inexpensive, and fun. Read more

Ideas For A Creepy Little Photo Book


When it comes to taking pictures, most of us fall into one of two categories: the “pseudo-professional” (who meters the lighting, minds the shadows, and is always aware of the background) or the “hapless amateur” (who forgoes technical know-how and relies, instead, on blind luck whenever they open the shutter on their camera). I fall solidly into the latter category. Like many of my fellow amateurs out there, I rely heavily on quantity over quality in the belief that if I take 25 pictures of something there is bound to be at least one that will be usable.  Read more

How To Brighten A Rainy Day Brunch


I admit that some of the projects I do can require an investment of a few hours or sometimes even a few days. But, recently, when putting together an impromptu brunch, I needed a quick and easy (and inexpensive) way to brighten up an otherwise rainy day.  Read more

How To Decoupage A Tray

For someone who makes a living using paper, visitors to my studio are often surprised that it is not filled with paper objects. The fact of the matter is, most of what I make ends up leaving my studio. One can see more of my work in window displays and magazine spreads, at photo shoots or online than you can see on the shelves of my studio. Wherever possible, though, I do try to find ways to get some of the beautiful papers I own out their storage drawers (where they lie flat and protected from dirt, dust, and light) and into use around my home.  Read more

Pretty Paper Party Ideas


As a boy, I remember seeing a television show about Paris that featured, for a fleeting moment or two, a street artist doing hand-cut silhouette portraits of Parisian ladies in the gardens of the Tuileries. Using only a penny’s worth of paper and small scissors, he created a beautiful picture in a matter of minutes (which he then sold for a few francs-not a bad mark up at the time).  Read more

An Extraordinary Thank You Note


One holiday, so years ago, I resolved to make by hand all of the presents I intended to give away; it nearly ruined Christmas for us all. My intentions were pure; I thought my friends and family would each enjoy receiving an intricately-crafted hand-made Read more